Brunch With My Father

Brunch With My Father

Time: 2:00 PM
Date: Sunday, June 16, 2024
Place: AMPED at South Street Live

Join us for a vibrant Freedom Day Festival on Juneteenth Weekend, hosted at the historic Tougaloo University in Jackson, Mississippi. This celebration marks the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and honors the enduring legacy of freedom and equality. Set on the picturesque campus of Tougaloo University, a beacon of African American education and civil rights activism since its founding in 1869, the festival will feature a blend of cultural performances, educational workshops, and community activities.

Attendees can explore the rich history of Tougaloo, known for its pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, and its continued commitment to social justice. The event will include live music, art exhibitions, traditional food, and engaging discussions that reflect on the journey towards freedom and the ongoing struggle for equality. The Freedom Day Festival at Tougaloo University is a testament to the resilience and strength of the African American community, providing a space to celebrate heritage, educate future generations, and inspire collective action for a brighter future.