Vending Application

Vending Time:
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Tougaloo College Campus
Kroger Hall/ Kroger Exterior
(Tax Collection & Reporting Enforced)

7:00 AM

$75 Registration

For Questions: Contact Allan Cole


 Vendor must provide all necessary equipment such as tent, tables, chairs, signage, trash receptacles, etc.

All fees due at the time of booking – Deadline for Registration is Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

***Dharma Pro Services, Tougaloo College, or any affiliates or agents are not responsible for injury, loss or damage that may occur to an exhibitor, employees or property before, during or after event. Exhibitors/Vendors assumes all responsibility for insurance and licenses needed to operate.


Juneteenth MS Weekend Exhibitor/Vendor Terms

  1. INSTALLATION OF EXHIBITS – All exhibits are to load-in in accordance with the instructions by Juneteenth Homecoming MS ( to include all affiliates and agents) Management. Exhibitors/Vendors shall receive from Event Management instructions including but not limited to Load-in Instructions that contains set-up information, and rules and regulations. These are incorporated into this contract. Exhibitors/Vendors expressly acknowledges that failure to explicitly comply with the load-in times & instructions will result in additional costs to Exhibitors/Vendors. Exhibitors/Vendors agrees to be bound by said rules and regulations, which by reference thereto are hereby made a part of this agreement. Exhibitors/Vendors may not sublease any part of their space or participate in any third-party advertising or promotions without written permission by Soul-Filled Weekend Management.
  2.  CHARACTER OF EXHIBITS – All exhibits must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste with the best interest of the Event and public safety paramount. The Event Management shall be the sole arbiter and final judge as to what shall constitute “good taste,” “safety” and “the best interest of the Event and the public,” and shall have the right and authority to require the removal, relocation or the modification of and display or exhibit. No explosive fuels or other highly combustible matter will be permitted. Tent exhibits are limited to an eight-foot back wall, erected so as not to obstruct the view of neighboring exhibits and all exhibits must be properly secured with sand bags or water. No stakes can be nailed into the pavement.
  3. HEALTH DEPARTMENT INSPECTION – Participating “food sampling” Exhibitors/Vendors must be prepared for health department inspection each day two hours prior to event start time. All Exhibitors/Vendors must comply with the rules and regulations of the Jackson, MS Health Food Safety Division.
  4. CLEANLINESS & DAMAGES – The Exhibitors/Vendors rented space must be cleaned of all soot, grease & debris by the Exhibitors/Vendors at the conclusion each day of the festival. Space or tents left damaged, soiled or stained by the Exhibitors/Vendors shall be the sole responsibility of Exhibitors/Vendors & the cost(s) of cleaning, repairing or replacing such space or tent & said costs will be billed to the Exhibitors/Vendors within a reasonable time thereafter & Exhibitors/Vendors shall pay for said costs within 30 days of billing.
  5. REMOVAL OF TRASH – Exhibitors/Vendors are responsible for maintaining acceptable standards of sanitation within their booths & for disposing of their own trash into trash receptacles provided by SFW located in The Farmers Market.
  6. INJURIES – Any accident must be reported immediately to the First Aid area operated by SFW hired EMTs stationed in the Farmers Market. If it is not possible to leave your booth, please notify a SFW staff person. First Aid will check the injury, determine proper medical treatment and file a report for insurance purposes. This documentation is required if litigation develops as a result of an injury or accident.
  7. LATE SET-UP FORFEITURE – Exhibitors/Vendors who do not set up on schedule may, at the discretion of the Event Management, have their designated space changed or occupied by another Exhibitors/Vendors. The removed Exhibitors/Vendors shall not be entitled to a refund.
  8. ACTS OF GOD – Soul-Filled Weekend shall have no liability whatsoever for any damage, of any nature, to any person, matter or thing resulting from storm, wind or water or other acts of God, or imminent threat thereof, nor from fire, strikes, or lockouts. If the Sponsor’s Event space has not been made available to the Exhibitors/Vendors for more than one 24-hour period by reason of storm, wind or water, other acts of God, or from fire, then SWF shall return to the Exhibitors/Vendors payments made after deducting SFW expenses incurred to that date.
  9. WATER POLLUTANTS – Federal and State Water Quality Standards must be complied with at all times and Exhibitors/Vendors shall be solely responsible to ensure that there is no dumping or discarding of refuse, sanitary waste or other pollutants in the water surrounding their exhibits or on the Event site.
  10. ENFORCEMENT – Exhibitors/Vendors agrees to pay all reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs incurred by SFW in enforcing this contract.
  11. AMENDMENTS – Management of SFW has the full power to interpret and enforce these rules, conditions and regulations and the power to make reasonable amendments thereto and to make such further reasonable rules and regulations necessary for the proper conduct of a safe, clean, well-regulated and attractive Event.
  12. WEATHER – The Exhibitors/Vendors and SFW agree that SFW or any of its employees or agents shall not be liable for loss, damage, third party damages, claims or loss to property, persons or vessels in the event of acts of God, storms, floods, high winds, gales or hurricanes. It is the Event Management’s sole and absolute discretion to order an evacuation of the Event, or to take the necessary steps to protect public health and property in the event of an act of God, severe weather or the issuance of severe weather warning for the Jackson, MA area or environs by the National Weather Service. Exhibitors/Vendors hereby agree to evacuate and immediately remove their products and related personal property from SFW Tailgate area in the event of such weather conditions or the issuance of severe weather warning for the Jackson, MS area or environs by the National Weather Service. The Exhibitors/Vendors agree that SFW does not guarantee safety in abnormal weather conditions (e.g., flood, tide, fog, gale winds, high waves, hurricanes). It shall be the Exhibitors/Vendors responsibility to remove its display in a timely manner or to instruct SFW to haul it without liability to SFW at their normal rates for equipment and labor. Exhibitors/Vendors shall bear total responsibility for all damage to and/or caused by displays in these circumstances. If Exhibitors/Vendors does not cause display to be so removed, it is stipulated that SFW may do so, at full cost to Exhibitors/Vendors (Owner), but with no responsibility to do so on SFW part or on the part of SFW insurance underwriter.